Hear slight splash from stream in Matsukawa Keikoku (Canyon), sniff scent from breeze for jiggling trees, listen to song of birds who tell transition of season to next season, Feel healing with “Onsen” (Hot spring) which has been welling up since more than 210 years ago.

Fujiiso Ryokan is orthodox as well as traditional Japanese style Ryokan standing still in countryside of mountainous area, which renowned writers and artists like Ogai Mori, Tekkan & Akiko Yosano, Kan Kikuchi, Yaichi Aizu, etc. have loved to stay.

Feel and stay here luxuriously with nothing else to do wallowing in the 72 climates of the year and dynamic as well as exquisite transition of Sinshu.



All rooms can overlook the canyon. Low layered “Sukiya-zukuri” (sukiya style of building) rooms can enable you to enjoy being “as one” with the outside nature. Anteroom and inner room as well as main room are facilitated for serving you comfortable space with calm and relaxation.From rooms built in “Tsukimi Endai” (Enjoying-moon-bench) bulged out there, what beautiful picturesque scenes suchlike sprouting greens in early summer, fantastic moonlight, night sky full of stars and trees coated with snow can be seen as if they were within your reach to ensure your best experience in superb view of Shinshu.



Based on fresh foods harvested in bountiful nature and mountains in Shinshu from season to season, our executive chef serves you excellent cuisine with its first-class cooking skill. Thanks to best selected as well as fresh foods collected nearby with some local traditional cooking methods, Fujiiso Ryokan has made its original rich flavored nutritious cuisine. 

Best and ever popular “Ponpon Nabe (Japanese stew)” is a kind of oil fondue that offers you just simple oil-fried rich foods from the soil and vegetables in the local Takayama Village. Taste of the ingredients itself can be coated by batter and directly reach your tongue.  Shining tress with morning dew welcome you to be invited for breakfast with freshly cooked rice and best selected brilliant Shinshu foods. 

Meals can be served either in private room or bamboo blind sheet in the restaurant. 




Yamada Onsen is one of the best and secluded hot springs in Japan, which has been worked for more than 200 years after its opening in 1798 and located in which is surrounded by mountains of Joshinetsu Highlands. Its origin of hot water was detected by a famous military commander, Fukushima Masanori in Japanese Civil War Era.

Tasteful Onsen (hot spring) which can be realized in mountainous countryside in variety with open-air-bath offering you enjoying the superb view for granted, large communal bath releasing stressed your body and mind, communal bath keeping on pouring its wellspring, etc.

Nature of spring is made of sodium (Na), calcium (Ca) and chloride spring.

Effective to heal neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, oversensitiveness to cold, chronic women’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, scald, chronic skin disease, arteriosclerosis and recovery from fatigue.


3563 Yamada Onsen, Takayama-mura, Kamitakai-gun,  Nagano Pref. 382-0186  JAPAN