Based on fresh foods harvested in bountiful nature and mountains in Shinshu from season to season, our executive chef serves you excellent cuisine with its first-class cooking skill. Thanks to best selected as well as fresh foods collected nearby with some local traditional cooking methods, Fujiiso Ryokan has made its original rich flavored nutritious cuisine.
Best and ever popular “Ponpon Nabe (Japanese stew)” is a kind of oil fondue that offers you just simple oil-fried rich foods from the soil and vegetables in the local Takayama Village. Taste of the ingredients itself can be coated by batter and directly reach your tongue. Shining tress with morning dew welcome you to be invited for breakfast with freshly cooked rice and best selected brilliant Shinshu foods.
Meals can be served either in private room or bamboo blind sheet in the restaurant.


Local special cuisine

Specialized in Fujiiso Ryokan “Ponpon Nabe”

“Ponpon Nabe (Japanese stew)”is ever popular specialized cuisine in Fujiiso Ryokan for a long time. It is basically a kind of oil fondue especially and originally arranged by Fujiiso Ryokan. The ingredients are in variety with best selected fruitful vegetables and edible wild plants depending on season to season. The crisply mouthfeel for the battered foods is better to be taken just after on-dish.


Fusion with “Tradition” and “Novelty” our executive che developed.

Fujiiso Ryokan offers Japanese banquet which is seasoned with traditional Shinshu food enhances immune strength originated in human body.
Our executive chef pursues traditional cuisine while taking in new sensibility so that Fuiiso Ryokan can be led to another new frontier.


Best selected local ingredients to be cooked so you can enjoy taking time for the tasting.

Gently cooked menus melt into your body even just after wakeup. The ingredients are best of best selected local ones in Shinshu. No wonder you can take more than 1 hour there.


Meals can be served either in private room or bamboo blind sheet in the restaurant.
Gentle lamps arranged here and there invite you to enjoy your private time in the private room with the cultural flavor we serve you each and everything wholeheartedly.
The relaxed atmosphere presents you to spend your precious time with your valuable partner and family. It is no doubt to allow you for easing yourself distinguishing your world here from what you are usually there.