Superb view lounge

The lounge counter with its wide width for around 8.3m (2.5ft) bulges out toward Matsukawa Keikoku. You can enjoy panorama view of the nature under your eyes there and feel refreshing for a while with negative ion risen up from Matsukawa Keikoku.

Promenade named “Fureai no michi”(Road to touch each other)

In “Fureai no michi” named by the late Masao Suzuki (sculptor) , you can feel breeze in through the canyon, scent from the mountains and trees. It takes only 7 to 8 minutes to the river surface of the canyon through the promenade from the building.

Conversation lounge

Conversation lounge is facilitated nearby entrance to the promenade. While best selected audio music is playing, why don’t you enjoy read your favorites or take time for pleasant chat?

Travel information lounge

Sightseeing information nearby Fujitaso Ryokan available here.
Next to shop in the building so you can take rest while you look for souvenirs as well.